The Exodus to North Korea Museum

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Steps on the Journey – 出発への歩み

Sign up for repatriation to North Korea:

Application Form
An English translation of the registration form, 1959 (ICRC Archives B AG 232 105-014)
録しますか - 帰国者登録書の英訳

Guidebook for Returnees, 1959

Guidebook for Returnees
This was supposed to be shown to all “returnees” to assist them in making a free choice,

though many apparently did not see it. An English version was made available to the US government (ICRC Archives, B AG 232 105-014)

  • Plan of the Red Cross Center, Niigata (1959)

    Plan of the Red Cross Center, Niigata (1959)

 The Red Cross Center in Niigata, a converted US base, was the place where most “returnees” (until 1967) spent their last days in Japan.

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