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Chronology of the Repatriation 年表


1955, 25 May – General Association of Korean Residents in Japan [K: Chongryun; J: Sôren] founded.

1955, 1 July – Inoue Masutarô (former Ministry of Foreign Affairs communism expert) becomes Director of Foreign Affairs Department of Japan Red Cross Society.


1955, 15 July – Chongryun holds Tokyo Congress of Koreans Seeking Repatriation. Number seeking repatriation (to North Korea) stated to be about 410.


1955, 13 December – Shimazu Tadatsugu, President of Japan Red Cross Society, asks ICRC to oversee repatriation of Koreans from Japan to North Korea


1955, 15 December – Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asia Bureau, produces “Plan for Resolving the Problem of Sending Volunteers for Repatriation to North Korea”. 


1956, Jan.-Feb. – Japan-North Korea Red Cross Conference, Pyongyang. 


1956, April-May – Two ICRC representatives visit North Korea, Japan and South Korea to examine repatriation issue.


1956 June – Inoue holds secret negotiations with North Korean counterpart to seek agreement on repatriation.


1956, 6 December –20 Koreans seeking repatriation to North Korea depart on Norwegian ship.


1956, 26 February – President of ICRC formally offers Committee’s assistance if the countries concerned can reach an agreement on repatriation.


1957, 31 March – 28 more Koreans leave Japan for North Korea without official exit documents.


1958, 8 September – North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung invites Koreans in Japan to “return” to North Korea.


1958, 30 October – Chongryun holds “Pro-Repatriation Day”.


1958, 17 November – Zainichi Korean Repatriation Cooperation Society founded.


1959, 13 February – Japanese Cabinet gives its “understanding”, allowing repatriation negotiations to go ahead.


1959, 13 April – Negotiations towards a repatriation agreement between Japanese and North Korean Red Cross Societies begin in Geneva.


1959, 14 June – Japanese and North Korean Red Cross Societies reach provisional agreement on Repatriation Accord.


1959, 7 August – International Committee of the Red Cross agrees to lend assistance in confirming the “free will” of returnees.


1959, 13 August – Repatriation Accord officially signed in Calcutta.


1959, 3 September – Repatriation Guide Book issued.


1959, 27 October – Japanese government, Japanese Red Cross and Chongryun agree to “supplementary regulations” for Guide Book.


1959, 5 December – Niigata Red Cross Center opened.


1959, 14 December – First repatriation ship leaves Niigata for Cheongjin in North Korea.


1960, 27 October – Repatriation Accord extended for one year.



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